Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't my Mac Video Downloader work?

There are some reasons for Mac Video Downloader's not working such as:

  • You have opened the VPN.
  • Your anti-virus software prevents Mac Video Downloader from running.
  • The installation program of Mac Video Downloader has be ruined.
  • All network traffic is SSL encrypted.

When encounter these problems, you need to:

  • Close VPN first, then start Mac Video Downloader.
  • Set your anti-virus software to ensure the normal operation of Mac Video Downloader.
  • Download the latest Mac Video Downloader installer, re-install it.
2. Why can my Mac Video Downloader only download 50% or 10MB of a video?

This may be caused by several reasons:

  • You are using a trial version.
  • Your Mac Video Downloader has over the validity period.

When encounter these problems, you need to:

  • Note that Mac Video Downloader is not a free software and it has a validity period, you must purchase it and register if you want to use a full version within the validity period. So please go to Order Online and Register.
3. Why can't the videos in some sites be detected?

This may be caused by several reasons:

  • The site uses a streaming protocol that Mac Video Downloader does not support.
  • Your Mac Video Downloader has run too long, resulting in failure detection module.

When encounter these problems, you need to:

  • Confirm that the site is supported (support site list).
  • Restart Mac Video Downloader, re-open the web page to download.
4. Can I close the webpage when I have detected the video?

You can always close the page when you have detected the video, and the video can still download normally, Mac Video Downloader will not affect your normal web browsing.

    However, for large video segments, in order to download all the segments, you still need to keep the pages open. We will go on to solve this problem.

      5. Why can't we continue to download some videos after they are paused?

      Different sites use different technologies, Mac Video Downloader currently is unable to provide a unified solution. Please re-download the video.

        6. Why can't some downloaded videos play?

        This may be caused by that:

        • You downloaded video has been damaged or download fails.

        When encounter this problem, you need to:

        • Re-download the video.
        7. Will Mac Video Downloader collect my private information?

        Of course not. Mac Video Downloader is a green software, it doesn't contain any plugins, ads and back door. Mac Video Downloader fully respects user privacy and will not collect any user's private data.