How to download videos on mac

Download Videos on Mac/Win With Just One Click

Are you looking for a software to download videos from on Mac? Mac Video Downloader is the best downloader & recorder chosen by millions of people. It could be the perfect solution for you.

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How to download videos on mac

Many of us would like to download videos from for playback offline. Here is an article of downloading videos from such a website.

Part 1: Best way to download videos

If you are working on Windows, GetFLV could be the best video downloader. With its help, you can download any one of your favorite videos in only one click.
Before you begin with Mac Video Downloader, you must download the software and install it on your computer. Once done, you can follow the simple steps as given below, and start downloading all your favorite videos from to your computer.
1️⃣ Launch Mac Video Downloader and navigate to in browser window.
2️⃣ Play the video stream you want to download from Mac Video Downloader will detect the video URL automatically and show it at the right side.
3️⃣ Select the right item in the URL list section and click Download to create a download task.
4️⃣ In 'Downloader' window, you can monitor the process of the download. For the stopped tasks, you can also resume them.
5️⃣ You can preview your video while it's still downloading through Mac Video Downloader's built-in media player.

Part 2: Record videos with Video Capture Plugin

Video Capture can capture any video with audio from any website by recording directly from your PC screen. It's powerful and magic. The following is step-by-step guide:

1️⃣ Switch to 'Video Capture' window and click 'New Window' button to start a new capture task.
2️⃣ A new browser window will be opened. Please enter the url of your video which you want to capture.
Pause your video if it plays automatically.
  • A "Transparent Window" will be shown over the video area (see below). You can resize or move this window to fine tune the recording area.
  • A "Setting Window" will also be popup (see below). You can change "Task Name ", "Capture Duration", "Video Format" and "Video Quality". Click "Next" button when you finish your settings.